Bulleen Residence, 2015

Seventy7 Projects was engaged as the Builder for the Bulleen Residence commencing on the project during the final design stage assisting MODO and the client with final cost planning and design prior to commencement of construction works. This early engagement of Seventy7 Projects provides the client and the architect with a 'better handle' on cost to ensure the final design is within budget. 

Michael Ong of MODO architects says: 'Bulleen residence is a 350m2 new house located in the lush green area of Bulleen, Victoria. The house runs itself along the southern boundary and wraps around at the end of the site to take full advantage of the northern sun, passive solar design techniques are used throughout to maximise thermal efficiency. To the front, the house rises up high and tall, to capture the view out towards the city. The brief asked for open living areas which connected with the rest of the house and the garden space. The variety of ceiling heights throughout the spaces provide each of the rooms with its own sense of individuality, a technique which allows all rooms to be connected while remaining somewhat distinct.'

Project Completed, more photos to follow